Your Personal Health Assistant

This breakthrough platform monitors your sleep, nutrition, bio-rythms, even your external environment to give you real time health advice that will dramatically improve your life. Health without thinking.

Launching Q3 2016! Be the first to know.

Introducing Shae

Intuitive, interactive technology that manages your health for you

Personalized Health
Personalized, actionable health advice. Shae gives you 24/7 support - just like a team of health professionals in the palm of your hand!
Your Perfect Body
Allow your natural body shape to break free! Shae’s tailored recommendations for your food, activity and mindfulness keep you healthy - inside and out.
A Productive Life
Shae knows your natural sleep & bio-rhythms and helps to schedule your day, week, month & year to your advantage.
Wearable Evolution
Shae takes the wearable data collected by your device and turns it into meaningful information that can literally change your life.